Container logistics in Russia and neighbouring countries: Summing up year 2007

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This January the research and consulting agency InfraNews will complete its analysis of the container transport market in Russia and neighbouring countries in the year 2007. As the agency’s report “Container logistics in Russia and neighbouring states: Results of 2007” will show, the yearly turnover of container traffic at Russian terminals has grown from 2.403 million TEU to 3.1 million TEU, or by 29 percent.

Counting in all the volumes transported into Russia – with both containers arriving from the former Soviet republics of the Baltic and inland railway transports in ISO containers taken into consideration – the container turnover of the Russian market is now approaching 5 million TEU. As of end 2007, Russian container cargo turnover was at least 4.8 million TEU.

The development of the Russian market in 2007 could well be called dramatic. This is especially true of the container logistics market inside Russia.

InfraNews’ analysis will demonstrate an impressive growth in transit transports from Finland and former USSR republics on the Baltic Sea. As one example, the turnover of containers that passed the Russian-Finnish border in 2007 will have exceeded 400,000 TEU, all terminals in Finland taken into account. Container flow through the Baltic states will have grown as well, to the same mark of 400,000 TEU.

InfraNews’ report will also be the first to describe in detail the specifics and yearly results of the operation of Russian inland container terminals and will also focus on the areas where Russian container business has been showing a particularly noteworthy growth. Indeed, Russia already has much to present and to research besides its port terminals and in its capital city, Moscow.

Contents of the report:

INTRODUCTION 1. WORLD CONTAINER TRANSPORT MARKET 1.1.Shipping companies 1.2.World terminal operation 2. CHARTER AND FREIGHT RATES 2.1.Global tendencies 2.2.Russia’s Northwest 2.3.Russia’s South 2.4.The Russian Far East 3. TERMINALS OF RUSSIA’S NORTHWEST 3.1.The Gulf of Finland’s Neva Bay 3.2.Kaliningrad 4. THE NORTHERN PORTS OF MURMANSK AND ARKHANGELSK 5. TERMINALS OF RUSSIA‘S SOUTH 6. THE FAR EASTERN TERMINALS 7. TERMINALS IN FINLAND 8. TERMINALS IN THE FORMER SOVIET BALTIC STATES 9. THE UKRAINE 10. GEORGIA 11. POLAND 12. NORTHERN CHINA 13.RAILWAY CONTAINER TRANSPORTS 13.1.Russian Railways’ services and price list 13.2.Tariffs 13.3.Additional services at stations and terminals 14. Inland logistics: Warehouses and container terminals 15. Cargo nomenclature of container imports and exports 16. OCEAN LINER OPERATORS IN RUSSIA 17 CONTAINER HOLDINGS 17.1. Stevedoring 17.2. Logistics 17.3. Shipping 18.THE RUSSIAN CONTAINER MARKET’S CASH FLOWS 19. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF COMPANIES AND MARKET SECTORS: SWOT AND BEYOND CONCLUSION. YEAR 2007: THE RESULTS

“Container logistics in Russia and neighbouring states: Results of 2007” (175 pages) English – 60 th. rur or $2,400.

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